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Our research interests are mainly in experimental physics of fluids at interfaces. We explore how tuning surface properties allow us to control the behaviour of fluids. We investigate how micro and nanotextures combined with chemistry modify the behaviour of droplets from the millimetric to the nanometric scale (water repellency, antifogging, antifrosting, …). Down to the atomic scale, we experimentally study the new properties of fluids and ions confined in channels with molecular dimensions. Through our research, we aim to develop new technology that will benefit the society and contribute to tackle the major challenges we face such as global warming, freshwater production, or energy decarbonization.

Latest news

  • Graduation and new students!

    Congratulations to Hiroki Yachida and Kun-hak Lee who both obtained their undergraduate degree! They will both stay in our lab as Master’s students!

    We are also pleased to welcome to the lab our two new undergraduate students Yuki Serata and Kei Mukoyama!

  • Welcome to our new members!

    Welcome to our new lab members Hiroki Yachida and Kun-hak Lee! They just joined our research group and we will start exciting research together!

  • Lab opening

    Welcome to our website, we are pleased to announce that our lab will begin its activities from the 1st of April. If you are interested by our research or in joining us don’t hesitate and contact us! We are located on the Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo, find more details on where we are here.

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